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Unaspected Pluto

Of all unaspected planets, Pluto is unique. Pluto is, always, unique. Society forces one to put on a public face.The Plutonian man knows all about public and private faces. He is a master of games. The difference is, he knows when it IS a game. He can take off his mask, in quiet moments. Less aware folks, think the mask is who they are. This is where the Plutonian man has the edge. He lives in both worlds. He can maneuver the cocktail party, with aplomb. He can, also, put a proverbial knife to your throat, cool as a cuke . He has exquisite boundaries. You best know the property line . Pluto deals in primal power. A sensitive outer appearance may belie this, if the Ascendant is Cancer or Pisces. However, the Pluto persona will reveal itself. You may feel it, rather than see it, as an animal feels it’s prey before it, ever, reaches his sight.

All unaspected planets demand ownership of the planet. The relationship between the holder of the unaspected planet and himself is an intimacy closer than a lover. The unaspected planet makes certain demands. It is akin to a hero’s journey. He must climb mountains and forge rivers before he acquires the prize. In this case, the prize is the secrets of that planet. By the time, he forges the journey and gets the gold, he will have matured enough to use the gifts which were bestowed in their germinal state. He must bring them to fruition by his unstoppable quest to make them his own.

The Unaspected Pluto is called to upon to understand the workings of power. That is his hero’s journey. He will be in the ranks of JFK and Castro, who both had unaspected Plutos. How he will use the power is up to him, but he will be a force with which one will reckon, if one is fortunate, or unfortunate enough, to meet up with him.

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