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Unaspected Sun

The Sun is our identity. If one had to be defined by one planet, it would be the Sun. That is why the Sun is easiest to guess.The moon is our deepest heart. Venus is our love nature. Mars is our drive. The Sun is the you of you. One’s Sun is one’s ego. The term ego can be used in a negative way, but it is not negative. One must have a healthy ego.If one’s ego is too weak, one is self doubting. If one’s ego is too strong, one is arrogant. The struggle to find a right sized ego is a hard one. What happens to the Sun in the chart is a picture of the assaults to our ego. The Sun can represent one’s father. The aspects to the Sun can show the relationship with one’s actual father. The chart is many layered, as you know. The unaspected Sun is a unique animal. More Hollywood stars have an unaspected Sun than any unaspected planet. It is the sign of the star. However, there is one caveat. The native must bring it up from it’s buried condition. This is the same for all unaspected planets. They are buried treasure. They can stay buried. They can be unearthed, as well. The unearthing is not easy.One will be called to be an intrepid explorer, as it is a solitary journey.

The unaspected Sun must learn what it means to be a person. He must learn what is his to claim and what is not under his control. His ego may be weak until he learns the secrets of harnessing it. He must learn them by putting himself out in to the world, feeling weak and incapable. He must learn the lessons of the ego, by “doing”. There is no substitute for doing . Somewhere in the process, he will discover his unique voice, more so, his unique light, as he has one that will allow him to shine above others. He was made to shine. Then, we, all, can admire him, for the beautiful star that he is.

3 thoughts on “Unaspected Sun

  1. amiannAmy

    My Sun is unaspected in Virgo at 9 degrees. It’s also in the 12th. It is quite the profound placement. When this energy peeks out from behind its extremely large monster of a befuddled bushel, it is truly a light. However, it is so delicate. A loud and unexpected noise sends it running back to its bushel. Luckily, I also have a tough stellium in Libra. A beautiful pile-up consisting of Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Moon, then Pluto. If my Sun is hiding, my Libra train wreck makes it possible for me to blindly assume I have no meaning beyond that of the Other. However, underneath it all, I truly wish to shine and know the feeling of living for ones self, or at least identifying with the self. At this point, I typically like to compensate for my weakness by living for and through others. Cyclically, that also comes to an end, as my psyche is constantly seeking balance in itself, and I grow tired of all the interaction and isolate myself.

      1. amiannAmy

        The stellium is in my first house. However my ascendant is 25 deg Virgo. The stellium ends right on the cusp of my second house with Pluto conjunct at 22 deg Libra. Saturn is my first Libra planet at 8 degrees.

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